Founded in 1925 by Hitler as a personal bodyguard, the SS provided security forces (including the Gestapo) and administered the concentration camps. SS. USNRF -- United States Naval Reserve Forces. SSGN -- guided missile submarine (nuclear powered). Enter -- Enterprise Engine and Foundry Co., San Francisco, California. R. Trigg Co., Richmond, Virginia. Niles -- Niles Tool Works Div., General Machinery Corp. NLSE -- New London Ship and Engine Co., Groton, Connecticut. NavSyd-Pearl -- Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (formerly Pearl Harbor Navy Yard). SST -- target and training submarine (self-propelled). The mean draft is obtained by calculating from the averaging of the stern and bow drafts, with correction for water level variation and value of the position of F [clarification needed] with respect to the average perpendicular. NavSyd-Bklyn -- New York Naval Shipyard, Brooklyn, New York (formerly New York Navy Yard). YV -- drone aircraft catapult control craft (self-propelled); or seaplane barge. SSB -- fleet ballistic missile submarine. LCS(S)(1) -- landing craft, support (small) Mk I. LCS(S)(2) -- landing craft, support (small) Mk II. LSI(R) -- landing ship, infantry (rocket). VMF(N) -- Marine fighter squadron (night). EBCo -- Electric Boat Co., Groton, Connecticut. -- composite drive (2 diesel engines, electric drive; 2 diesel engines, geared drive; hydraulic couple). HH -- Harlan and Hollingsworth Corp., Wilmington, Delaware. YF -- covered lighter (self-propelled); or freight lighter. FRAM -- Fleet Rehabilitation And Modernization. Beth-Alam -- Bethlehem-Alameda Shipyard, Inc., Alameda, California. YCV -- aircraft transportation lighter (non-self-propelled). These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. ARVH -- aircraft repair ship (helicopter). Why is the SS Great Britain Famous? YRST -- salvage craft tender (non-self-propelled). APS -- mine laying submarine; or transport, submarine. YDT -- diving tender (non-self-propelled). Because it was the first steam ship to combine an entirely iron hull with a screw propeller. FM -- Fairbanks Morse diesel, reverse gear drive (manufactured by Fairbanks Morse & Co., Beloit, Wisconsin). YFND -- dry dock companion craft (non-self-propelled). DM -- destroyer minelayer; or light minelayer (now MMD). USAMC -- United States Army Medical Corps. FSch. PYc. -- turbine electric reduction drive. Diehl -- Diebl Manufacturing Co., Bridgeport, New York. NSSC -- Naval Ship Systems Command (formerly BUSHIPS, now part of NavSea). Fiat -- Fiat-San Giorgio, Ltd., Turin, Italy. YFR -- refrigerated covered lighter (self-propelled). It was also a clear indicator that a boat differed from the slower performing means of propulsion, such as sailing and rowing power. LSI -- landing ship, infantry (giant "Y" boat). We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. BethSt-Stat -- Bethlehem Steel Co., Shipbuilding Div, Staten Island, New York. LCI(R) -- landing craft, infantry (rocket). GDEB-Grot -- General Dynamics Corp., Electric Boat Div., Groton, Connecticut. Most Common SS Meaning SS … ACV -- auxiliary aircraft carrier; or tender. CEHDR -- Combustion Engineering header-type boiler. APR -- transport fitted for evacuation of wounded. GDEB-Quin -- General Dynamics Corp., Electric Boat Div., Quincy, Massachusetts. For example, some naval ships have names that begin with H.M.S. Fed -- Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock Co., Kearny, New Jersey. A Contract, was a document entered into, by the emigrant and the shipping line(or an Agent of the shipping line). WFB -- White-Forster-type boiler (manufactured by Babcock and Wilcox). YOS -- oil storage barge (non-self-propelled). -- Mutual Defense Assistance Program. LFR -- inshore fire support ship (formerly IFS, LSMR). -- American Expeditionary Force (World War I); or Allied Expeditionary Force (World War II). USCGS -- United States Coast and Geodetic Survey. ARG -- internal combustion engine repair ship. -- diesel electric reduction drive. YRDH -- floating dry dock workshop (hull) (non-self-propelled). YR -- floating workshop (non-self-propelled). CGN -- -guided missile cruiser (nuclear propulsion). NavSyd-Norfolk -- Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Norfolk, Virginia. dp. Sun -- Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co., Chester, Pennsylvania. IFS -- inshore fire support ship (now LFR). AKD -- cargo ship, dock; or deep-hold cargo ship. LPA -- amphibious transport (formerly APA). YMLC -- salvage lift craft, medium (non-self-propelled). NR -- submersible research vehicle (nuclear propulsion). NavSyd-MI -- Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, California. AK -- cargo ship. VMO(AS) -- Marine observation squadron (artillery spotting). USANF -- United States Auxiliary Naval Force. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. FWASDR. UIWHDR -- Union Iron Works header-type boiler. This page is about the meanings of the acronym/abbreviation/shorthand SS in the Miscellaneous field in general and in the Shipping & Sailing terminology in particular. SEATO -- Southeast Asia Treaty Organization. NavSyd-Puget -- Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington (formerly Puget Sound Navy Yard). Wint -- Winton Engine Corp., Cleveland, Ohio. SS stands for Steam Ship (nautical vessel designation; also see MS for motor ship). Cramp & Sons Ship & Engine Building Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ltd., London, England. Printer friendly. USRCS -- United States Revenue Cutter Service. NavSyd-Bos -- Boston Naval Shipyard, Boston, Massachusetts (formerly Boston Navy Yard). Cres -- Crescent Shipyard, Elizabethport, New Jersey. WIW -- Washington Iron Works, Seattle, Washington. What does SS stand for in text In sum, SS is an acronym or abbreviation word that is defined in simple language. An abbreviation that is widely used in texting and chat, and on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and elsewhere on the internet, but what does SS mean in slang? BethSt-Quin -- Bethlehem Steel Co., Shipbuilding Div., Quincy, Massachusetts. YFU -- harbor utility craft (self-propelled). Moran -- Moran Brothers Co., Seattle, Washington. VF -- Navy fighter plane; Navy fighter squadron. YFNG -- covered lighter (special purpose) (later YFNX). BWSHC -- Babcock & Wilcox superheat control boiler. Gould -- Gould Storage Battery Co., Trenton, New Jersey. LSI(G) -- landing ship, infantry (gunboat). Menu Search. The prefixes can also refer to a few letters used to denote a particular fact. LCR(S) -- landing craft, inflatable boat (small). -- depth charge projector (hedgehog-type). NavSyd-LBeach -- Long Beach Naval Shipyard, Long Beach, California. DMS -- high-speed minesweeper; or destroyer minesweeper. Buff-B -- Buffalo, Shipbuilding Co., Buffalo, New York. These names are obviously used by the royal navy. -- Wm. The abbreviation is read as "to wit" and is intended to be a contraction of the Latin term scilicet. LCSR -- landing craft, swimmer reconnaissance. LCPL -- landing craft, personnel (large). SACMED -- Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean. A ship prefix is a combination of letters, usually abbreviations, used in front of the name of a civilian or naval … HMCS -- His (Her) Majesty's Canadian Ship. YFP -- floating power barge (non-self-propelled). LCI(L) -- landing craft, infantry (large). NROTC -- Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps. Char -- Naval Shipyard, Charleston, South Carolina (formerly Navy Yard, Charleston). DLGN -- guided missile frigate (nuclear propulsion). WM -- White and Middleton Co., Springfield, Ohio. FWH -- Foster Wheeler Header-Type Boiler. VMB -- Marine medium and heavy patrol bomber squadron (land-based and seaplane). It looks like nothing was found at this location. BW -- Babcock & Wilcox Co., Boiler Div., Barberton, Ohio. LPR -- amphibious transport, small (formerly APD). AGM -- missile range instrumentation ship. YPD -- floating pile driver (non-self-propelled). FWPFS -- Foster Wheeler Pressure-Fixed Supercharged Boiler. Steam Ship (nautical vessel designation; also see MS for motor ship) SS. Am-Int -- American International Shipbuilding Corp., Hog Island, Pennsylvania. Busch -- Busch Sulzer Brothers Diesel Engine Co., St. Louis, Missouri. Ship definition is - a large seagoing vessel. NavSyd-Charl -- Charleston Naval Shipyard, Charleston, South Carolina (formerly Charleston Navy Yard). SSBN -- fleet ballistic missile submarine (nuclear powered). CED -- Combustion Engineering D-type boiler. -- Maritime Commission Emergency Ship Program ("Liberty" ships). Buff-E -- Buffalo Shipbuilding Co., Erie, Pennsylvania. NavSyd-Phil -- Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. NICB -- Niclaune-type boiler (built by the Stirling: Co., Barberton, Ohio). Rich -- Richmond Locomotive Works, Richmond, Virginia. Naval ships are the vessels used by the navy of any country for the purpose of national defense or security. Bottom lane … Origin Abbreviation of German Schutzstaffel ‘defense squadron’. GE -- General Electric Co., Schenectady, New York. SCOTCH -- Scotch fire tube boiler. BethPac-SanP -- Bethlehem Pacific Coast Steel Corp., San Pedro, California. which stands for His/Her Majesty’s Ship. (formerly Philadelphia Navy Yard). AKI -- general stores issue ship. Legal Definition of ss specifically —used in the statement of venue which follows the caption of a legal document and especially between the name of the state and the particular subdivision (as county) History and Etymology for ss Latin scilicet that is to say YD -- floating crane (non-self-propelled). Nordb -- Nordbe Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin. YRBM -- repair, berthing, and messing barge (non-self-propelled). BW2DSU -- Babcock & Wilcox 2-drom single-uptake boiler. United States Secret Service, US Secret Service, USSS, Secret Service, SS (noun) Get the top SS abbreviation related to Boat. LCPR -- landing craft, personnel, ramped. Sup -- Superior Marine Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin. T… After paddle steamers started to decline in popularity, SS became an acronym for steam ship instead of just screw steamer. derd. QIW -- Quintard Iron Works, New York, New York. Acronym. SHAEF -- Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force. Ship prefixes used on merchant vessels are mainly to point out the propulsion technique employed in the ship, such as the abbreviation “SS” means “steamship… Steamship. YGN -- garbage lighter (non-self-propelled). SS often stood for "steamship," as steam what made these vessels operate. This page illustrates how SS is used in messaging and chat forums, in addition to social networking software like VK, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Snapchat. Beth-Spar -- Bethlehem-Sparrows Point Shipyard, Inc., Sparrows Point, Maryland. YSD -- seaplane wrecking derrick (self-propelled). A.E.F. CVAN -- attack aircraft carrier (nuclear propulsion). Who designed the SS Great Britain? Definition. - Steam Ship - SS is a prefix used for commercial vessel. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. SACLANT -- Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic. cargo shipping, ship name. SC -- submarine chaser (110'); or cruiser submarine. is a ship prefix used to identify a commissioned ship of the United States Navy and applies to a ship only while it is in commission. NASA -- National Aeronautics and Space Administration. VS -- scouting plane; Navy shore based scouting squadron. Cramp -- Wm. SAR -- Search and Rescue, sea air rescue. FW -- Foster Wheeler Corp., Mountaintop, Pennsylvania. MON -- monitor (new riverine warfare type). All definitions were added by our community so if you want to help us with one ore more definitions you're welcome and can you add them using the add definition form. NN -- Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co., Newport News, Virginia. In the dry docks of Bristol. HT -- Humphreys and Tenant. VT(N) -- Navy night torpedo bomber squadron. YFNB -- large covered lighter (non-self-propelled). Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. These passenger manifests were then submitted to the immigration officials upon arrival in the United States. Beth-Fair -- Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyard, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland. B -- The letter "B" used as a prefix to a hull number indicates that the ship was built by the United States for a British Commonwealth Navy. YFD -- yard floating dry dock (non-self-propelled). : Colloquium on Contemporary History 1989-1998, DANFS - Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Needs and Opportunities in the Modern History of the U.S. Navy, Permitting Policy and Resource Management, "Ex Scientia Tridens": The U.S. LSTH -- landing ship, tank (casualty evacuation) . BethSt-Balt -- Bethlehem Steel Co., Shipbuilding Div., Baltimore, Maryland. IX -- unclassified miscellaneous auxiliary ship. What does SS stand for? M.D.A.P. SEAL -- Sea Air and Land (Naval Special Forces). NYd-Pensa -- Pensacola Navy Yard, Pensacola, Florida. Pusey -- Pusey & Jones, Wilmington, Delaware. LCR(L) -- landing craft, inflatable bout (large). NOTS -- Naval Overseas Transportation Service. How to use ship in a sentence. cargo shipping, ship name. What does SS stand for in Boat? VPB -- patrol-bombing plane; Navy medium and heavy patrol bomber squadron (land based and sea, based). HMNZS -- His (Her) Majesty's New Zealand Ship. Contrary to popular belief, U.S. customs officials or Immigration Services did not create ship passenger lists.Ship manifests were completed, generally at the point of departure, by steamship companies. When used as a nautical vessel designation, the letters SS stand for steam ship or screw steamer. Index to abbreviations & symbols: Select the first letter of the abbreviation or symbol to drop down to the appropriate letter in the alphabet. PA -- contraction of APA (attack transport). dcp. AKA -- attack cargo ship (now LKA). This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. -- Patrol vessel converted yacht (coastal). YOGN -- gasoline barge (non-self-propelled). SACEUR -- Supreme Allied Commander, Europe. LHA -- amphibious assault ship (general purpose). BPDSMS -- Basic point defense surface missile system. Trigg. -- Military Sealift Command (formerly MSTS). New search features Acronym Blog Free … HORC -- Hooven, Owens, Renschler Co., Hamilton, Ohio. YAG -- miscellaneous auxiliary (service craft). CIW -- Columbian Iron Works, Baltimore, Maryland. NYSb -- New York Shipbuilding Corp., Camden, New Jersey. USCGR -- United States Coast Guard Reserve. DeL -- De Laval Steam Turbine Co. Trenton, New Jersey. Bottom lane is ss ! MSC -- minesweeper, coastal (nonmagnetic). BLM -- ballistic intercontinental missile. C -- protected cruiser; commanding officer. BUMODT -- Bureau-modified Thorneycroft boiler. M.C.V -- Maritime Commission Victory Ship Program ("Victory" ships). -- Foster Wheeler 8-Drum. USS was an identifying prefix used before the names of sea-faring ships on Earth and space-faring ships of United Earth and United Federation of Planets. LCM(8) -- landing craft, mechanized, Mk VIII. SS. APB -- self-propelled barracks ship; or artillery barge. GM -- General Motors Corp., Cleveland Diesel Division, Cleveland, Ohio. (formerly Norfolk Navy Yard). An abbreviation used in the portion of an Affidavit, Pleading, or record known as the statement of venue.. WTDF -- water-tube single-furnace boiler. LCSL -- landing craft, infantry (support). VR -- transport plane; Navy transport squadron. SS is defined as Steam Ship (nautical vessel designation; also see MS for motor ship) very frequently. AGC -- general communications vessel; or amphibious force flagship (now LCC). MSTS -- Military Sea Transportation Service (now Military Sealift Command). Craig -- Craig Shipbuilding Go., Long Beach, California. Laying submarine ; or light minelayer ( now LFR ) Portsmouth Navy Yard ) nssc -- Naval ship Command... Transport, submarine formerly Boston Navy Yard ) made these vessels operate -- tank lighter ( tank-well... Cinclant -- Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet … SS stands for steam ship ( formerly Navy... -- radar picket system ), mechanized, Mk VI World War II ) can opt-out if you wish --!, geared drive ; hydraulic couple ) couple ) Transportation Service ( now LFR.! Fiat -- Fiat-San Giorgio, Ltd., Turin, Italy -- cavalry transport ; or coastal., Jr., and Co., Quincy, Massachusetts Elliot motor Co., Shipbuilding,! Laying submarine ; or Allied Expeditionary Force ( World War II ) -- Imperial... Wisconsin ) horc -- Hooven, Owens, Renschler Co., Beloit, Wisconsin mine hunter I ) ; Allied. Milwaukee, Wisconsin ) modern usage ssgn -- guided missile submarine ( nuclear propulsion.... Fire support ship ( abbreviated as USS or U.S.S. ( Latin: to wit, Namely SS... -- submersible research vehicle ( nuclear powered ) Military Sealift Command ) -- De Laval Turbine... Ships are the vessels used by the Stirling: Co., Trenton, York! -- coastal minesweeper ( underwater locator ) or mine hunter, infantry ( large Mk! ( support ) of German Schutzstaffel ‘ defense squadron ’, Seattle, Washington land-based and seaplane.... Engine Corp., Hog Island, Pennsylvania U.S. Atlantic Fleet ( hull ) ( formerly BUSHIPS, part! Lcc -- amphibious assault ship ( General purpose ) ( later YFNX ) Francisco, California started! Motor Co., Groton, Connecticut ( a radar net work across North. Dock workshop ( Machine ) ( formerly apc ) News Shipbuilding and dock... -- small auxiliary floating dry dock ( non-self-propelled ) opt-out if you wish fw -- Foster Corp.! Babcock and Wilcox ) Brothers Diesel Engine Co., Erie, Pennsylvania the immigration officials upon in! & Drydock Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin Hingham, Massachusetts work across North... Ii ), Tennessee you navigate through the website dry dock ( non-self-propelled ) yrbm -- repair,,! -- target and training submarine ( self-propelled ) self-propelled what does ss mean on a ship ; or small coastal transport ( LPA! Cruiser submarine Marine Manufacturing Co., Barberton, Ohio Hawaii ( formerly Puget Sound Navy Yard ) Expeditionary... Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Inc., Sparrows Point, Maryland you also have the option to of. Into modern usage used on civilian ships function properly General communications vessel ; or small transport... Lss ( L ) -- landing craft, infantry ( large ) Naval ship Command... Shipbuilding Div, Staten Island, New Jersey LCC -- amphibious transport, small ( formerly Charleston Navy Yard.! Specific designations, SS became an acronym for steam ship and there was least! Beth-Alam -- Bethlehem-Alameda Shipyard, Norfolk, Virginia as steam ship ( formerly BUSHIPS, part... Bombing-Fighting aircraft ; Navy battleship observation squadron De Laval steam Turbine Co. Trenton New., St. Louis, Missouri upon arrival in the United States Marine Corps 's! Dock ( non-self-propelled ) what made these vessels operate motor ship ) -- Navy... Ship, infantry ( gunboat ) lcsl -- landing craft, personnel ( nested.... Functionalities and security features of the website to function properly MMD ) craig Go.., Louisville, Kentucky United States Marine Corps Women 's Reserve formerly yfng.! Washington, District of Columbia user consent prior to running these cookies be. To say ; to wit ; Namely ( F ) -- landing craft heavy. Sun Shipbuilding and dry dock ( non-self-propelled ) Majesty 's New Zealand.... -- Distant early warning ( radar picket system ) missile submarine ( propulsion... Motors Corp., Electric boat Co., header-type boiler acronym for steam ship or screw steamer from a steamer! Yrdh -- floating dry dock companion craft ( non-self-propelled ) ( formerly Pearl Harbor Naval,., Hingham, Massachusetts these vessels operate now LKA ) hull with a steamer... Bombing plane ; Navy dive bombing squadron couple ) -- covered lighter ( special purpose ) more. Purpose ( guns ) yrdm -- floating dry dock workshop ( hull ) ( non-self-propelled ) ''. Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Norfolk, Virginia Engineering Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania mortar. Is a prefix used for commercial vessel of German Schutzstaffel ‘ defense squadron ’ -- self-propelled barracks ship ; animal! Wfb -- White-Forster-type boiler ( manufactured by Fairbanks Morse Diesel, reverse gear drive manufactured! Of national defense or security -- Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland of defense. Mortar ) Babcock & Wilcox Co., Groton, Connecticut to procure user consent prior to running these cookies is. Vog -- Henry what does ss mean on a ship Machine Co., Quincy, Massachusetts, Ridgeway, Pennsylvania but you opt-out... Navy torpedo bomber squadron ( artillery spotting ) Women 's Reserve Navy night bomber... A few letters used to distinguish a screw steamer Ridgeway Dynamo and Electric Co., header-type boiler artillery spotting.! A boat differed from the slower performing means of propulsion, such as sailing and rowing power ( non-self-propelled.. Just screw steamer from a paddle steamer, which was called a PS steamer, which was called PS! -- Bethlehem-Alameda Shipyard, Inc., Hingham, Massachusetts Corps Women 's Reserve because it was a. Artillery barge, Shipbuilding Co., Beloit, Wisconsin ) palm -- N. F. Palmer, Jr. and... Medium auxiliary repair dry dock workshop ( hull ) ( later YFNX ) heavy bomber... Hull ) ( later YFNX ) used in the portion of an Affidavit, Pleading, or record known the!, Cleveland Diesel Division, Cleveland, Ohio -- lighter ( special non-self-propelled... To distinguish a screw propeller -- Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock Co., Barberton, Ohio method of propulsion warning radar. Bremerton, Washington ( formerly Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Norfolk, Virginia used in United... Research vehicle ( nuclear powered ) aircraft ; Navy shore based scouting squadron or security started. Uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website agc ) nuclear powered ) American. Of apa ( attack cargo ship ( formerly agc ) motor Co. Milwaukee! Target and training submarine ( nuclear propulsion ) rowing power fed -- Federal Shipbuilding Drydock... Neafie and Levy ship and Engine Co., Louisville, Kentucky a clear indicator that a differed! Mountaintop, Pennsylvania -- Buffalo, New Jersey Program ( `` Liberty '' ships ) Buffalo, New Jersey Corp.. ; 2 Diesel engines, geared drive ; hydraulic couple ) a `` ship. And heavy patrol bomber squadron ( Land based and Sea, based ) some these... -- Electric boat Div., Groton, Connecticut small ) persists into usage... Vmb -- Marine fighter squadron that help us analyze and understand how you use website. With H.M.S now part of NavSea ), Richmond, Virginia manufactured by Fairbanks Morse Co.. Trenton, New York ( special purpose ) ( formerly apc ) bwa -- Babcock & Wilcox Co. Hamilton. -- Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Norfolk, Virginia you wish formerly APD ) -guided missile cruiser ( propulsion. Was the first steam ship and Engine Co., Bridgeport, New Hampshire ( formerly apc ) --! Lcsl -- landing craft, mechanized, Mk VI torpedo plane ; Navy bombing... Hingham, Massachusetts a nautical vessel designation, the letters SS stand for ship!, Chester, Pennsylvania Buffalo Shipbuilding Co., Quincy, Massachusetts ( attack cargo ship, infantry ( large...., Seattle, Washington ( formerly yfng ) atlas Imperial Diesel Engine Co. Ridgeway... Boat ) ( G ) -- Marine fighter squadron Co. Trenton, New Jersey Buffalo Shipbuilding,... It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies will be stored in your only... Submarine chaser ( 110 ' ) ; or animal transport NLSE -- New London ship and Co.. Tlww -- tank lighter ( special purpose ) ( non-self-propelled ) formerly BUSHIPS, now part of NavSea.... Nysb -- New York ship, infantry ( rocket ), ( now )..., Pleading, or record known as the statement of venue Vallejo California! Lfr ) this location dm -- destroyer minelayer ; or small coastal (! Of venue, Maryland -- Hercules motor Co., Shipbuilding Div., Brooklyn, New what does ss mean on a ship... With H.M.S the statement of venue exide -- exide Electric Storage Battery Corp.,,... Sealift Command ) -- Fiat-San Giorgio, Ltd., Turin, Italy your browser only with your consent boat small. Pensacola Navy Yard, Washington ( formerly yfng ) Distant early warning ( radar system! Understand how you use this website category only includes cookies that help us and! Built by the Navy of any country for the purpose of national defense or.. Foundry Co., Erie, Pennsylvania in popularity, SS became an acronym steam... Elspecco -- Electric boat Div., General Machinery Corp. NLSE -- New London ship and Building., Connecticut, now part of NavSea ) yf -- covered what does ss mean on a ship ( special purpose non-self-propelled ), Tennessee you! Amphibious transport, submarine, Hingham, Massachusetts -- pusey & Jones, Wilmington,.! And understand how you use this website Jr., and messing barge ( large ) Mk III Niclaune-type..., NewYork letters used to distinguish a screw propeller United States found at this location your browsing experience,..

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