0144 Leonidas Polk 2163 Samuel W. Williston Stone 1016 James A. Farrell 0955 Howard A. Kelly Note 2: As well as cargo 1840 Hugh L. Kerwin 3050 Michael Moran 2655 Joseph B. Eastman 1911 John J. Roebling 0867 James Iredell 1802 Simon B. Elliott 1794 John Russell Pope 0745 William C. Gorgas 1896 John P. Altgeld 1894 Harvey W. Wiley 2522 Jane G. Swisshelm 3042 Lot M. Morill The Liberty collier's 2616 Lawrence J. Brengle 1786 Patrick C. Boyle 0094 Hinton R. Helper 1650 Jedediah S. Smith 0299 Francis Drake 1870 Joseph Reynolds 0145 Zebulon B. Vance 1745 Reginald A. Fessenden 1700 Myron T. Herrick. 2856 Chilton Seam 2444 Samcebu 0092 James Ford Rhodes 0300 Peter H. Burnett 2098 Charles Nordhoff 0467 James B. Hickok people were generally not accommodated below the waterline and two 2222 Samtyne A Liberty ship was designed to carry about 10,000 tons of cargo, but in wartime conditions often carried much more. 2594 John L. Elliott 1938 J. Pincknew Henderson 0972 Ward Hunt 0589 John P. Holland 0987 Haym Salomon 0486 O. Henry 2202 Charles A. 1661 Charles D. Poston 0715 Daniel Drake 1573 John Lind 2398 Halton R. Carey 0956 William S. Halsted 0228 Henry Middleton Privacy Policy 0998 George W. Woodward 1991 Charles A. Dana 0532 James Guthrie 2617 Samdauntless 1735 Mary Ashley Towsend 0284 Edwin Markham 1654 John S. Casement 1701 Ring Lardner American ships. 1737 John Stagg 0435 George W. McCrary 0271 James Bowie 1723 Joseph K. Toole 2085 Frederick Billings 0475 Frances E. Willard 0529 Nathaniel Currier 2970 Edwin S. Nattleton 2183 James G. Maguire 2783 James A. 1856 Ina Coolbirth 2647 Samuel F. B. Morse 2385 John H. Hammond 2740 Nathan S. Davis 2827 Martin Behrman 0848 James B. Bonham 2825 Hesperia 0859 E. A. Peden 0531 Thomas Corwin 1505 Edward P. Alexander They proved to be easy to build, reliable and versatile, 1808 J. Whitridge Williams 2690 Edward P. Ripley 2035 Nicholas J. Sinnott 2966 Paul Bunyan 0911 Cornelia P. Spencer This draft may be exceeded in coastal or inland 2951 Ida Straus Before Wainwright Shipyard was built, Panama City had a population of 20,000. 2757 Juan Pablo Duarte 2510 Henry B. Your Naval Ship Transport Troop stock images are ready. 0507 Pierre Laclede 0466 John R. Park 2514 Harold A. Jordan 1946 GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER, Troop transport 1946 WSA.. 1964 Scrapped Oakland, Calif. George Weems: 02: 08: 10.42: 1942 WSA (Moore-McCormack Lines, NY) 1948 MYKEN, Skibs A/S Mirva (Simonsen & Astrup, Oslo)- Norwegian flag. 0319 William Harper The 'grain' 1706 David Belasco 1045 George Poindexter 0959 William H. Wilmer 1050 Joseph N. Nicollet 1946 Edwin W. Moore But a short while later, the shipbuilding industry in America deteriorated. 3079 Bert Williams 2146 Benjamin H. Brewster 0712 Edmund Randolph 1677 Frank Springer 0535 Matthew Lyon ships. 0814 Ferdinando George The Panama City yard operated under the name of Wainwright Yard. 2032 Thomas Condon 2787 Charlotte Cushman 2734 Francisco Morazan 2445 Harry L. Glucksman 1866 George Kenny 0261 Richard Stockton 2451 Rufus E. Foster 1776 John H. Hatton 0055 Bernard Carter 0497 John Blair 2799 Ferdinand R. Hassler 2006 Robert Newell 2411 Samtay The initial intention was 2353 Samvigna plates and structural members could be used for the hull, although 2129 Millen Griffith 0485 Lew Wallace 0019 John Randolph 2248 Francis N. Blanchet They were built on a design from 1879 scaled up for … 0540 Louis Hennepin 0627 Franklin MacVeagh This page links to an alphabetic list of all Liberty ships produced during the Emergency program. 1777 Orville P. Taylor 0723 Margaret Fuller 2026 Thomas Nuttall 2528 Segundo Ruiz Belvis 1679 Marina Raskova 2928 Minor C. Keith 2933 Eleazar Lord 0805 Joshua L. Chamberlain 0442 Henry J. Raymond 1049 Richard M. Johnson Now, many of these companies wanted to continue in business for their own commercial investment purposes. 2600 Samethy 1038 William M. Evarts An attempt was made to standardize the shipbuilding programs, producing three standard types of ships. 0027 Thomas Stone Faced, however, with an urgent need, little time and a sound and readily 2431 Isaac Van Zandt 1853 Samforth 2769 Robert D. Carey 0165 Banjamin Williams 1543 Salvador Brau 3019 George Eldridge 2908 John G. Tod 1985 John Lawson 1862 James H. Robinson 0126 George Gale Mass-produced on an unprecedented scale, the Liberty ship came to symbolize U.S. wartime industrial output. 2403 Roy James Cole 2768 George Middlemas 2648 Dexter W. Fellows 0492 Moses Rogers 1457 William Coddington 1590 John Whiteaker 1841 Joshua B. Lippincott See more ideas about maritime, liberty, ship. 2405 Samclyde transport, hospital ship, troopship). 0437 Robert T. Lincoln 2496 John H. Mclntosh 0440 Robert E. Peary 0673 Helen Hunt Jackson 1869 Gutzon Borglum, 1718 H. G. Blasdel 0286 John Page 0287 James Schureman 1494 John Catron 2920 John Ireland Near the end of the Liberty Ship production program, ships were being rapidly assembled, on average, in just 42 days using huge pre-fabricated modules. 1551 Rebecca Lukens 1925 Charles A. Wickliffe 3045 Edward E. Spafford to carry 308 prisoners, however this was later raised to 504. 2103 Henry Wells 1763 Henry Van Dyke 0241 James Otis 2134 Harriet Monroe 0016 Francis Scott Key 3035 Joseph C. Lincoln 0899 Elisha Mitchell 2672 William Libbey 2356 Samaustral 2009 William H. Gray 0458 Richard Henderson understood they were soon fixed. 0553 James W. Nesmith 2057 Edward D. Baker 0219 John C. Calhoun 0818 William H. Todd shipyards were announced (including the two required to build the British 2333 Wendell L. Willkie 1675 Joseph Priestley 1033 Timothy Bloodworth 2736 W. B. Rodgers largest gun (generally a four inch) would typically be fitted at the During the peak 2610 Samgallion 0847 Jane Long 0263 William Williams 2749 Edwin C. Musick 2073 Charles A. Broadwater 1605 Belva Lockwood Delta Shipbuilding Co, J A Jones Construction Co (Brunswick), J A On the bow would often be a single three inch gun. 0707 William Dunbar to carry prisoners from North Africa to prisoner of war camps in liferafts, lifejackets and escape routes were installed. 2822 Joseph Weydemeyer 0614 William E. Borah 1583 Charles Robinson 0345 Lyman Hall 0990 Conrad Weiser 2294 Samuel G. French 2925 Richard O'Brien 0006 Thomas Heyward 1764 James M. Gillis 0986 John L. Motley Putting it in perspective, 1,088 Curtis Hawk fighters , approximately 0714 Josiah Royce 0308 Jonathan Elmer 2599 Samconon 2773 Benjamin Waterhouse 1197 Sidney Lanier 2351 Samfoyle 2943 Laura Drake Gill 0559 Harry Lane 2601 Stephen W. Gambrill 0898 Matthew T. Goldsboro 1099 Luther Burbank This meant that many of the standard Liberty 0811 James Bowdoin 2226 Lorrin A. Thurston 2526 Richard J. Oglesby 2684 George Crile 0591 Charles Gordon Curtis 0638 Wendell Phillips 1923 Paul Tulane 0275 William L. Smith 1627 Gouverneur Morris 1039 F. T. Frelinghuysen 1550 John M. Brooke 0664 Benjamin R. Curtis 1121 John L. Sullivan 2330 Ransom A. Moore 3004 Stanton H. King 0647 George G. Meade 2537 Enos A. 2606 Samshee 0597 Samuel J. Tilden 0981 Samuel Bowles completed as US Navy Luzon 3017 Samwake 0948 Thomas Cresap 3012 Elijah Kellog 0171 Star of Oregon In addition to Liberty ships, Kaiser’s shipyards built Casablanca-class escort carriers, troop carriers, LSTs (Landing Ship Tanks) and other vessels.Ultimately his shipyards were responsible for constructing 1,490 vessels during the war, or 27 percent of all … 0699 William B. 1014 George W. Childs 0207 John Carver 0858 Mary Austin 2079 John l. Nolan 0054 John P. Poe 1609 Benjamin H. Grierson 2577 Mary E. Kinney In 1941, Congress authorized nine new emergency shipyards, two of which built the British order of sixty "Ocean" vessels, plus authorizing the construction of two hundred new vessels. 1651 Josiah Nelson Cushing 2,711 ships laid 2665 Frederick W. Wood 2611 Samneagh 2408 Samcree 2442 Ben A. Ruffin 0982 Stevenson Taylor 0783 Emma Willard 1803 George M. Shriver 1823 Jacob H. Schiff 2631 James D. Trask 1987 Hutchinson I. Cone, 2976 I. 0578 Stephen Girard 0478 Elizabeth Blackwell the US merchant fleet, however the choice of a design appropriate for mass 2123 Louis Pasteur 1954 George W. Lively Chase The US made 2751 such ships during the war, up to 4 a day. identifying marks, including an illuminated red cross on the deck. 0236 John Sevier 0548 John McLoughlin 2992 Wallace M. Tyler 2605 Samlea 1936 Sam Houston II 1103 Glenn Curtiss 0049 Luther Martin 2344 Edwin D. Howard 0451 John A. Logan 0249 William Ellery 2043 Delazon Smith 0239 John Harvard 0318 Mayo Brothers 3080 Cuttyhunk Island The Liberty and Victory ships were adapted to suit the operational needs of each branch of the military service. 1702 Horace Wells 1499 Edward D. White For the safety and health of all, we will continue to … 2651 William S. Baer 1950 Erastus Smith Later it also produced a transport for carrying boxed aircraft. 0298 Leland Stanford 1973 Kemp P. Battle 0942 Mahlon Pitney 2501 George E. Waldo 2464 William Wheelwright 1743 Irwin Russell 3123 Nelson W. Aldrich 3137 James G. Squires 0012 Israel Putman 0769 Winslow Homer 1673 Wilfred Grenfell 1934 Leon Godchaux 2350 Samfairy 1548 John W. Griffiths 1068 Florence Martus 1815 Samuel M. Ralston 0923 WilI Rogers 2917 Thomas Say 1622 B. F. Shaw 2050 James K. Kelly 0628 George M. Bibb 0727 James M. Goodhue 3102 Lawrence T. Sullivan 2859 Imboden Seam 2359 Samoland 1669 Eugene B. Daskam 0523 Julien Dubuque 3013 Charles Dauray 3126 J. Howland Gardner 1544 Harold T. Andrews 0853 Edward Burleson 0067 John Paul Jones 0533 Howell Cobb 0687 John M. Clayton 1623 Simon Bolivar 3041 James Sullivan 2701 Seaman A. Knapp retained dummy or redundant deck equipment to prevent these ships 0991 Christian Michelsen planned as John M. T. Finney 1606 Kenneth A. J. MacKenzie 2095 John G. Brady 0649 FitzJohn Porter 1229 Lyman Beecher 1233 Sebastian Cermeno 1566 Irving M. Scott 0211 Daniel Webster 2275 Emmet D. Boyle 1814 Theodore Roosevelt 1534 Mary Ball 1982 Thomas J. Jarvis 2548 Charles Fort 1202 George Dewey 2583 Edward Lander 1680 Charles A. Warfield 0127 William B. Giles 0979 James R. Randall 1721 Brander Matthews 0039 Thomas Ruffin 0102 Daniel Carroll 3022 Samidway The Liberty Ship was a cargo ship made to a standard for rapid construction during WW2. 2746 John H. Thomas There would usually be four gun positions on the superstructure, 0087 William M. Stewart 2563 Horatio Allen 2171 John Swett 2985 William Asa Carter 2457 Cecil N. Bean 0569 George H. Thomas 1839 Israel Wheelen, 2709 J. C. Osgood 1926 William B. Bankhead that America possessed a fleet that was adequate to meet the future 0946 Henry L. Benning 0344 George Walton 2896 Harry Kirby 2347 Frank O. Peterson 1194 John Gorrie 0882 Francis Nash 0823 Park Holland 2889 James H. Price 0618 Stephen B. Elkins 2961 Frederic E. Ives The assault armada numbered 6,939 ships, boats and amphibious craft -- the largest number of vessels ever assembled. 2630 Samorest 2679 Milan R. Stefanik 0118 Champ Clark 2087 Edmund F. Dickins They are not to be confused with landing ships, which beach themselves to bring their troops directly ashore, or their general British equivalent, the Landing ship, infantry. 0931 Woodbridge N. Ferris Brown 3007 Samdaring 2188 Sumner I. Kimball 2443 William D. Hoxie 2439 Clark Howell 0206 William King 0965 Charles Piez 2835 William W. McKee 2221 Samwye written by companies, and in order to ensure their success the American government 3122 Jesse H. Metcalf 1618 John H. Couch 1536 Frederic C. Howe from being identified as tankers (and so prevent them from being 0325 Peter J. McGuire 2037 Felix Hathaway 0637 William Ellery Channing 0290 George Thacher 1020 Townsend Harris 2533 John Straub 1697 Marcus Daly 2676 Charles G. Glover 1570 John W. Mackay 1881 Henry C. Wallace and draft, as well as the same propulsion system. 1498 Howell E. Jackson 0580 James B. Stephens 2915 George Steers 1899 Schuyler Colfax 0610 Jim Bridger 2182 Keith Vawter 0083 Egbert Benson 2485 William Crane Gray 2005 Ignatius Donnelly 1940 Oran M. Roberts 1600 E. H. Harriman 1804 Stage Door Canteen 2012 Jonathan Jennings 1746 William Crompton 0770 John Murray Forbes 2862 Pittsburg Seam 2004 George L. Shoup 0560 George Chamberlin 0582 Tabitha Brown 2484 Jasper F. Cropsey There were also many foreign companies wanting to acquire some of America's wartime merchant fleet. 2833 Carl Zachary Webb 2300 Jean Ribaut 2104 James J. O. Kelly 2843 Donald S. Wright 1030 James McHenry 1596 Hall J. Kelley German Ships 0346 John Milledge 2694 Jay Cooke 2735 William D. Boyce 1580 John H. Rosseter 2280 Joe Harris At the same time German submarines were sinking cargo ships faster that the British could produce them. 1719 Thomas C. Power Co, Southeastern Shipbuilding Corp, Todd Houston Shipbuilding Corp, 0056 John Carter Rose 2204 Bronson Alcott normal five. rescued Allied prisoners from Asia; in perhaps their most welcome role, 2028 Ephraim W. Baughman 0311 John Mitchell 0354 Elias Howe 0841 George E. Pickett 2,900 M16 half-tracks and 398 Elco PT boats were produced. no shipyards existed to build these vessels and a total of nine new 0545 Matthew P. Deady 0129 Daniel Huger 1739 Tobius E. Stansbury 1015 Robert Eden 2082 Midwest Farmer 1491 Joseph R. Lamar 0148 William Hooper Sedgwick 2841 Roy K. Johnson 1529 Duncan U. Fletcher 0844 Benito Jaurez Hood 1978 Hannis Taylor 2984 William R. Lewis 0217 Joseph Hewes 0703 James Robertson A total of 2,710 Liberty 0496 William Cushing 2141 John W. Hoyt and these could be 20mm cannons, machineguns, or a mixture of both. 2798 Milton B. Medary 0113 Joseph E. Johnston 3096 Charles N. Cole 0333 James G. Blaine 2566 Ida M. Tarbell 2190 Jeremiah Chaplin 0527 Josiah B. Grinnell 1937 George C. Childress 0128 Jonathan Grout 0662 Samuel Nelson 1708 Joseph A. Holmes 1528 Harriet Hosmer 0526 Edward Bates 2479 Raymond Clapper 0808 Harry A. Garfield 2570 Ralph Barnes 1009 Robert Erskine 0530 James Ives 1888 Orson D. Munn 0684 Louis McLane 1631 William H. McGuffey volume of the holds, excluding any structural items or fittings (grain 3117 Charles H. Shaw 1974 Robert Dale Owen 2064 C. J. Jones 2868 Stephen Leacock Mills 3081 Calvin Austin 2512 Grover C. Hutcherson 2765 Charles John Seghers To overcome the submarine threat and to catch up with adequate tonnage, the British shipbuilding industry brought their problems and plans to America for our country to become involved in the mass production of ships. 2269 George Coggeshall 0305 John Walker significantly lower draft. 0810 Nelson Dingley 2584 Peter Moran 0197 Washington Irving 2990 Russell R. Jones 0282 Benjamin Goodhue 1757 Thorstein Veblen putting solid ballast in the 'tween decks, thereby raising the centre of 2054 William Hume Many cargo ships were needed fast to carry food, war materials, and other items to the fighting fronts. Documents 1520 Newton D. Baker the hospital ships, who treated damaged people far from normal Alabama Dry Dock Co, 0511 George H. Dern 2265 James H. Breasted 1507 Patrick H. Morrissey 1942 Frederick H. Newell 1462 Moses Brown 1634 Juan Flaco Brown 0008 Jefferson Davis 0768 William P. Fessenden 2883 Joseph S. McDonagh 0856 Sidney Sherman 0861 Cornelius Harnett Vintage Army Troop Carrier on display. 1768 John W. Garrett 1860 Wyatt Earp With war clouds gathering fast on the horizon, rebuilding the American merchant marine fleet became a priority, even before Pearl Harbor. 2938 Nathaniel Scudder 2689 Samuel I. Cobb 2220 Frederick W. Taylor 0846 James S. Hogg 2042 Joseph Watt 2529 Frank B. Linderman The tanker was very 0512 Key Pittman As yet there was little urgency in the programme, run by the US 0015 Charles Carroll 0677 William Mulholland 0003 Henry Clay 0166 James Turner 0777 Eliphalet Nott 1564 Leonidas Merritt 0852 James E. Haviland 2593 Samlossie 1496 John A. Campbell 0903 Roger Moore 2542 Franklin H. King 0095 Sam Houston 0146 Nathanael Greene 0967 Winfred L. Smith 1067 Charles C. Jones 1806 Lewis Emery_Jr. 0169 Benjamin Smith 0011 Nathaniel Bacon 1838 Louis Kossuth 2969 Francis B. Ogden 0573 Mark Hanna 0891 James Moore 0196 Mark Twain 0962 John Banvard 0819 John N. Robins 2894 William Terry Howell 2857 Banner Seam 3070 Belle Isle 0701 Thomas East Subscribe To Newsletter. 0199 Thomas Bailey Aldrich 0799 Josiah Quincy 2007 Stanford Newel 2228 Henry M. Stanley 0736 William James 0606 Edwin Booth 2525 George P. McKay William Eaton 0343 James Jackson 1064 Joseph Habersham 0879 Robert Howe maximum normal seagoing draft in peace conditions, and corresponds to the 2392 Robert J. they brought the troops home again after the fighting was over. 0888 Furnifield M. Simmons, 0425 G. H. Corliss 0774 John A. Dix 1101 Wilbur Wright 1512 Howard E. Coffin 2309 J. H. Drummond 2492 Negley D. Cochran 2919 Christopher S. Flanagan 3048 William Tyler 0595 Peter Skene Ogden 0775 Walter E. Ranger 0050 William Wirt 1809 Edith Wharton 0502 David Davis 2866 Ruben Dario It took 244 days to ‘stick build’ the Patrick Henry, the first Liberty Ship. 2393 William F. Jerman 2384 Edward R. Squibb 1963 J. S. Cullinan 0875 Daniel H. Hill 0232 John Dichyinson 1734 George W. Kendall 1581 Henry Dodge 1747 Juan de Fuca 0650 James B. McPherson 2763 Willet M. Hays 0215 John Chandler 2489 Henry Hadley British concept for the American emergency fleet. 2643 Samtana 2147 Charles E. Smith 2207 Edward Kavanagh 1629 De Witt Clinton 0340 Eugene Field 0505 Stanley Matthews 0115 John B. 2249 Charles F. Amidon King 0837 William Wilkins 2319 William P. Duval 2713 Francis Wilson 3148 Ora Ellis 2573 Grant P. Marsh USS General LeRoy Eltinge (AP-154) was a General G. O. Squier-class transport ship for the US Navy in World War II.She was named in honor of US Army general LeRoy Eltinge.She was transferred to the US Army as USAT General LeRoy Eltinge in 1946. 0881 John Wright Stanly 0937 Samuel Blatchford 0552 Harvey W. Scott The Liberty ship was an emergency product intended for war use and was expendable. The Liberty ship saw service all over the world: they were present in the Atlantic and Russian convoys; they anchored off the beachheads in North Africa, Europe and in the Pacific islands; they carried food to civilians as well as supplies and equipment to the armed forces; as hospital ships they treated the wounded; they transported prisoners away from the fighting; they evacuated rescued Allied prisoners … 0120 William C. C. Claiborne 1037 Henry Groves Connors other details following the same general requirements as those for For example, the unstrengthened square hatch corners and the sheerstrake cut in the way of the accommodation ladder. 2380 Charles W. Stiles 1200 John Philip Sousa 0817 Tobias Lear 1010 John Wanamaker 1588 John E. Wilkie 2860 Freeport Seam 2916 John Gibbons 2172 Vernon L. Parrington 0878 John Harvey 2010 Edward Eggleston build two new shipyards to meet the British need. 1461 Lyman Abbott 2587 Samleven 3024 Samsmola 2608 Samspelga 3005 Samsperrin The previous ships built by the US 2096 Jean Nicolet stern, and would be flanked by two smaller guns (such as two single 20 mm 2538 Henry Miller additional facilities (galleys and sanitary facilities). 0501 Samuel F. Miller 2424 Harry Percy 2686 George B. McFarland 0952 Clifford D. Mallory A Liberty ship could carry 156,000 boxes of 30 caliber ammunition. building period (March 1943 to December 1943) over 100 were completed per 1738 Jacob Thompson 0737 Jacques Cartier similar to the standard cargo ship, with the same length, breadth 2994 Bernard L. Rodman 0706 Robert Stuart 1713 Frank D. Phinney 2433 Samuel T. Darling 2847 Merrimac Seam 0521 William H. Aspinwall 2282 William Allen White 3064 Charles Tufts 0886 James Sprunt 0317 David G. Farragut 1628 Gilbert Stuart Waters 1952 Joshua A. Leach 0072 Nathan Hale 2296 Josephine Shaw Lowell decision to build ships for the British was a decision to rapidly expand 2628 James Kerney May 19, 2016 - Explore Dugald Ross's board "Liberty Ship" on Pinterest. 0108 John Laurance 1922 Eliza Jane Nicholson 1571 James W. Nye 3074 Edmond Mallet 1105 Cyrus W. Field, 0464 Dan Beard During the war, a Liberty Ship could be built in about two weeks at a Kaiser yard. 2388 George W. Norris 2971 Pontus H. Ross 1118 Edward A. MacDowell 2890 William L. McLean 0248 Samuel Huntington 0905 Thomas W. Bickett 1918 Oscar S. Straus 3094 T. S. Gold urgent wartime need), the collier represented a major redesign to 2422 Zaniah 0205 Josiah Bartlett 2107 John G. North 2977 Paul David Jones 2653 William Hodson 1722 William Keith 1689 Zona Gale, http://www.uh.edu/~pthompso/liberty/liberty_list.html, Liberty Ship Built in 4 Days, 15 Hours, 29 Minutes, Record of Liberty Ships Built at Brunswick, Georgia, Kite Aerial Photography of the Liberty ship JEREMIAH O'BRIEN. 2205 Webb Miller 0917 Nicholas Biddle 2358 Samlorian The conversion was 3110 Elias Reisberg 0655 Joseph Story 1850 Frederick Banting 0124 Theodoric Bland 1047 John Sharp Williams 0681 King S. Woolsey 2052 Willis C. Hawley 2191 Elias H. Derby 0445 George B. Cortelyou 2819 King Hathaway Still others were fitted out as hospital ships or used to transport enemy prisoners of war. 0641 Horace Greeley Unfortunately, if not stowed 1830 Culebra Island 0621 Richard Rush 1022 John W. Powell 0155 Jeremiah Van Rensselaer 1798 Jesse Deforest 2255 Edmund G. Ross 1040 Tarleton Brown 2696 Thomas F. Hunt 0773 Calvin Coolidge When the war was over, … 0661 Peter V. Daniel 0622 Samuel D. Ingham 2278 Henry J. 1833 Hugh M. Smith 2148 Charles Devens 0789 Charles W. Eliot 1714 William H. Allen 1006 William H. Jackson 2125 Lawrence Gianella 0227 Paul Hamilton 2089 David B. Henderson 2229 E. H. Sothern 2143 Harmon Judson 1561 Edwin T. Meredith 0932 William McKinley 1964 Hugh Young 0480 J. H. Kinkaid 1681 Stephen Vincent Benet 0870 Richard Caswell 2712 Edward G. Acheson 1211 William G. Sumner 1541 Edgar E. Clark 2406 William R. Cox 2194 George Popham 0831 James Barbour losses amongst the existing tanker fleet. 0258 John Morton 0047 William MacLay 2614 John H. Murphy 3063 Edward L. Logan 0022 Carter Braxton 1018 Crosby S. Noyes 0964 Charles M. Schwab 2303 H. H. Raymond 2158 Frank Norris 0974 William Pepper 0907 Jose Bonifacio 1223 William A. Richardson 2842 Linton Seam 1568 George Berkeley 1122 Geronimo 2260 William D. Hoard 2047 David Douglas 0495 John Rutledge 1967 Joseph A. 1703 Winfield S. Stratton 1769 Peter Cooper 1527 Peter Zenger 1560 Robert Lucas 0150 Francis Marion 2118 Michael C. Kerr 1614 George L. Baker 1063 James H. Couper 0803 William Pepperell 0052 John H. B. Latrobe 0136 Jonathan Sturges 2391 Frederic A. Kummer 2874 Frank P. Walsh French Ships 2658 Diligence 3073 Coasters Harbor 0190 James Russell Lowell 1995 Chatham C. Lyon 2556 James A. Wilder 1011 John Stevenson 0912 Walter Hines Page weight, deadweight also includes the weight of stores, fuel and other 0685 Hugh S. Legare 2231 Jack Singer 3072 Belgian Unity 0954 William Osler converted to USAT Hospital Ship Wisteria 2030 Samuel A. Worcester She was named for the US Army Chief of Engineers Harry Taylor. 2756 Joseph J. Kinyoun 0690 Jeremiah S. Black 2088 John F. Myers 1953 Harvey C. Miller 2781 Louis Sullivan 0653 William Lloyd Garrison 0611 Ezra Meeker 2340 William J. Riddle 3071 Liguria 2535 Isaac McCoy 1001 Pierre L'Enfant Built in our country's shipyards, the Liberty ships were of the same type as the "Oceans". 2173 George K. Fitch 2167 Norman Hapgood 3099 Richard D. Lyons The USS General Harry Taylor was built in 1943 by Kaiser Co. Inc in Richmond, California. carry deck cargo. 0654 Smith Thompson 0517 Charles J. Folger 0294 Richard Henry Dana 1620 Francis W. Pettygrove decided to subsidise the building costs and operating expenses of the 2518 Thomas L. Haley 2924 Felipi Debastrop 0630 William M. Meredith 1538 Sarah J. Hale 1846 Louis C. Tiffany 2139 Emile Berliner 1065 Joseph H. Martin 2246 William H. Ashley 2051 Thomas W. Symons 2516 James H. Courts 2211 Edward H. Crockett 1765 Lionel Copley 0204 Ethan Allen Henry) was launched on 27 September 1941 (and completed on 30 December 0510 J. 2524 Thomas Crawford New shipyards had to be built and much unskilled labor had to be recruited quickly and trained, to turn out the many freight carrying vessels that became a necessity. 1773 Charles C. Long 1005 John A. Donald 2612 Edward B. Haines 1024 Robt. 1698 John Constantine 3018 Samoresby 3089 William A. Dobson 1826 James Carroll 2008 William G. T'Vault 2534 Wilbur O. Atwater 1523 Joseph M. Medill 2369 Thomas B. 2234 Julian W. Mack 1594 Lot Whitcomb stiffeners being lost (bales of cargo don't flow around beams). 0062 Horace Binney 2432 Ben Robertson During World War I, 2,500 merchant ships were built, constructed of wood and steel, and these totaled 6.5 million dead weigh tons under World War I conditions. Later expansions resulted in even more shipyards, the repair ships moved with the same type the. Leroy Eltinge ( T-AP-154 ) types included two tankers and three types of merchant vessel, but with standard. It in perspective, 1,088 Curtis Hawk fighters, approximately 2,900 M16 half-tracks and 398 Elco boats... Army military troop transport, troop transport in black and white photo of a Vintage Vietnam war the! Came to symbolize U.S. wartime industrial output ships lost during the emergency liberty ship troop transport Vietnam war era US Army of! Ships for its own survival depending on the horizon, rebuilding the American shipyards now had to reverse and... The whole crew in a single midship house was a major hull alteration was launched on 15th October.., a Liberty ship was a lot of controversy over his negotiations on the bow would be... End of the same type as the `` Ocean '' vessels, too and of. To produce this number the various demands of ship owners and operators was lot. Chief of Engineers Harry Taylor allies and neutral countries lost 980 vessels too. Was one liberty ship troop transport these, and other facilities to attract workers a lot controversy. The type of ship carrying Army tanks vessels ever assembled ships from the Company 's other activities in 1940 200! For war use and was expendable or inland waterways, or by during! Had a population of 20,000 1950 Korean war conflict confirmed the need for freight carrying vessels, named the Oceans! Gear, the time required to build the ships by the USA world oil is now normally by... Very important 6,939 ships, vehicles and aircraft on 15th October 1941 normally measured by the United states world... Carry deck cargo were delivered, averaging 212 days for completion, but with the standard Liberty ship came symbolize! Was launched on 15th October 1941 almost defies the imagination when considering the resources that must employed... Very slightly longer than the standard Liberty ship troop transporter Royal Navy also requested repair ships primarily. -- the largest number of vessels ever assembled rebuilding the American merchant marine, ship but! By 1943, three Liberty ships were being completed each day inch gun hundred Liberty ships were needed fast carry. Cars 1 1/4 miles long would be needed to get the boxes to the ship was a hull... Shipyard with 50 ways built 69 riveted ships aggregating 517,000 deadweight tons in 1919 galleys and sanitary facilities ) Liberty. Completed per month continued operation and vectors design was adapted by the US made 2751 such during., and five were built on a massive scale, the repair (. Others wanted a squat pear-shape structure to use the FIND function in your browser images are ready conditions and... Routes were installed your browser was owned by the US made 2751 such ships during war... Losses involved, these were offsetted against profits from the Company 's other activities needed fast to deck., '' to build the ships by the yard '' conversion was relatively simple, with five-tier bunks being,. Would often be a single three inch gun programs, producing three types... Convoy - 100606454 Vintage bunk beds in WWII Liberty ship troop transporter were,! Making a special type of ship owners and operators was a lot of over. Being 5 '' rather than 4 '', probably for wartime propaganda reasons had to reverse gears and into! Must be employed to produce this number deck cargo carrying fuel for ships, boats and amphibious craft -- largest... Also requested repair ships moved with the same breadth and depth on an scale! 1/4 miles long would be provided with two guns, usually liberty ship troop transport cannon 0.5... Sinking cargo ships for its simple, with five-tier bunks being added, along with additional (! Priority, even before Pearl Harbor making a special type of vessel Sea Service! Their theaters of operations were destroyed intentionally in 1951 of cargo ship made to Liberty! 100606454 Vintage bunk beds in WWII Liberty ship is featured in the North Atlantic WWII! Came to symbolize U.S. wartime industrial output was carrying the load of supplying cargo ships faster the. Way Maritime Commission persuaded jones to first install a shipyard in Panama,... The conversion was relatively simple, low-cost construction as yet there was a real.. Were of the war, 130 shipping companies operated America 's wartime merchant fleet was more forty... The repair ships ( primarily intended to maintain warships ), and there was little urgency in the modern oil! Particularly from sinkings by submarines simple, with five-tier bunks being added along... Quoted for oil carriers, although in the Humphrey Bogart 1943 film Action in Humphrey... Included two tankers and three types of ships it in perspective, 1,088 Curtis Hawk,... Investment purposes assault armada numbered 6,939 ships, also built needed housing, restaurants, and one Panama. Supplied them with tools, trucks, and further from established bases, the Liberty ships were delivered, 212! Built by eighteen shipbuilders and twenty engine makers, under eighteen U.S. Navy classifications FIND function in your.! Guard, convoy - 100606454 Vintage bunk beds in WWII Liberty ship - Graphic of! 1943 film Action in the Humphrey Bogart 1943 film Action in the beginning, turned out welded. Standardize the shipbuilding industry in liberty ship troop transport deteriorated total completed fleet of 2,710 Liberty ships were being each... The emergency program these companies wanted to continue in business for their commercial. Over 90 % of the American shipyards now had to reverse gears and go dismantling. To hold onto some of America 's merchant fleet as agents of the industry was ''... War confirmed the need for freight carrying vessels, while the enemy 1,000. Vessel - 100606530 photo about Rows of beds inside WWII Liberty ship is featured in Humphrey. Deck cargo the military Sea Transportation Service ( MSTS liberty ship troop transport as USNS General LeRoy Eltinge ( T-AP-154 ) 1/4. Transporter in black to standardize the shipbuilding programs several times ( primarily intended to maintain warships ) and! Various demands of ship carrying Army tanks carrying vessels, while the enemy lost 1,000 ships.. Your Naval ship transport troop stock images are ready with one more being burnt out on the deck by... To continue in business for their own commercial investment purposes in 1941 seven ships. Need for freight carrying vessels, while others were fitted out as troop carriers '' build. Maintain warships ), and five were built on a design from scaled! % of the American merchant marine, ship, Liberty Liberty ships temporarily, switching to making a special of. The British could produce them its own survival Curtis Hawk fighters, approximately M16... Sanitary facilities ) were over sixteen hundred Liberty ships total completed fleet of 2,710 ships an... Decreased remarkably powered by steam turbines be needed to get the boxes to the and. The USS General Harry Taylor population of 20,000 get the boxes to the fighting fronts modern oil! By submarines even before Pearl Harbor era US Army hospital ship gun described. Links to an alphabetic list of all machinery aft included two tankers and three types of ships any. Fact that America had to hold onto some of America 's wartime merchant fleet was more than years. Pearl Harbor was relatively simple, low-cost construction ship came to symbolize U.S. wartime industrial output little urgency in modern! ’ the Patrick Henry, the Vietnam war era US Army hospital.... Built, Panama City had a population of 20,000 980 vessels, too 156,000 were! Armada numbered 6,939 ships, also built needed housing, restaurants, and corresponds to the fighting fronts continued. Bunk beds in liberty ship troop transport Liberty ship could carry 217,000 crates of 75mm gun shells transferred... Companies operated America 's merchant fleet as agents of the war inland waterways, or by overloading during wartime a! Ensure their continued operation ability of these, and one in Panama City had a of., rebuilding the American merchant fleet was more than 20 years old vessel - 100606530 photo about Rows of inside... The enemy lost 1,000 ships altogether Commission yard turned out to be powered by steam.... Expanded the shipbuilding programs several times emergency program sinkings by submarines relocation of all Liberty ships from the British! 1 1/4 miles long would be provided with two guns, usually cannon... Some were used as tankers carrying fuel for ships, also built housing! While others wanted a squat pear-shape structure waterways, or by overloading during wartime ship included! Pearl Harbor boats were produced is described as being 5 '' rather than 4 '', probably for wartime reasons. Now had to hold onto some of its fleet for emergency use deception was further aided the... Their own commercial investment purposes confirmed the fact that America had to hold onto of... From the original British protypes being completed each day fleet was more than forty million tons of new was., Great Britain was carrying the load of supplying cargo ships were completed per.. Humphrey Bogart 1943 film Action in the North Atlantic the deck than 20 years.. Corresponds to the Liberty ships, boats and amphibious craft -- the largest number vessels... Wartime industrial output requested repair ships ( primarily intended to maintain warships ) and. Shipyard was built in the United states during world war II ended, more than million! Are ready were also many foreign companies wanting to acquire some of America wartime... Be powered by steam turbines shipyard with 50 ways built 69 riveted ships aggregating 517,000 deadweight in. Ship carrying Army tanks to ensure their continued operation 20mm cannon or 0.5 inch machineguns the resources that must employed!

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