Yes. Click here to learn how these admissions officers actually read your application. There were plenty of highly qualified applicants who needed full financial aid, or something close to it, and Pérez wanted to admit as many of them as he could; he was trying, after all, to make the college more diverse. “Williams seeks to provide the finest possible liberal arts education by nurturing in students the academic and civic virtues, and their related traits of character.” (Williams College, excerpt from mission statement). We address common misconceptions about college admissions and provide tips for overcoming them, based on the insights we’ve developed over the past 12 years. But students in the $40,000-to-$80,000 family-income cohort had average SAT scores of 1,624 (out of 2,400, as the SAT was scored before the redesign), while students in the over-$200,000 cohort had average scores of 1,793. Over the next two weeks, data flew back and forth between Hartford and Bloomington as Pérez and his team gradually cut their pile of tentative admits to 2,500, and then 2,300, and then 2,100, heading ever closer to 1,700, always trying to balance the students they wanted with the ones they needed. They have empowered affluent students, allowing them to be more choosy about where they go and how much they pay to go there. Majority of college applicants write admission essays that are too shallow. “Admissions for us is not a matter of turning down students we’d like to admit. Exceptional students have a higher chance of achieving financial success. During the admissions season of 2017, Pérez agreed to give me an inside look at how Trinity’s decision-making process worked. In his writing, Boeckenstedt explains the connections between the everyday pressures enrollment managers like him experience in their jobs and the stark socioeconomic stratification that now pervades higher education. By this point, Pérez’s admissions counselors felt personally attached to many of the tentative admits. Wealthy students, whose parents earned more than $200,000, had an average high school G.P.A. The admissions process varies and can be subjective to some degree, but here are 10 things that could help your child stand out and score acceptance letters from his or her favorite schools. A big part of this depends on your personal style, but in general, you should use the active voice and vary your sente… These will be the most important skills students take away from the college experience. The first thing colleges look at is your high school transcript. Pérez divided his admissions counselors into teams of two or three, depending on which region of the country they were responsible for, and each team set up in a different office or conference room around the admissions building. According to the current rules, students apply early-decision to just one college, and they make a binding commitment to enroll there if admitted. His father drank too much and was sometimes violent with Pérez’s mother, and Pérez, a pale, nerdy kid who loved books, was easy prey for the gangs that controlled his neighborhood. Below is a summary of our main financial takeaways. Her book, “College Admission, from Application to Acceptance, Step by Step,” co-authored by journalist Christine Vandevelde, explains that: “Institutional Priorities” are the strategic needs of a school as it considers whom to admit. I can definitively say that at least one of the schools I applied to read my essay. Vetting these thousands of hopefuls are college admissions officers, typically alumni of the school who review applications for the … [Read The Times’s review of “The Years That Matter Most: How College Makes or Breaks Us,” from which this essay is adapted.]. Trinity’s overall yield in recent years has been about 30 percent, but that includes its 300 early admits. Our mandate is to send talented, courageous, and far-sighted people into the global endeavors, organizations, and communities that sorely need them.”, “Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.” But collectively, they play as big a role as anyone in shaping American college admissions today. In news releases, wealthy colleges trumpeted their efforts to recruit and admit more low-income and black and Latino students. But by Trinity’s new measures of academic quality (which emphasized high school grades and a rigorous curriculum over test scores), it was the most highly qualified class in years. He took the SAT just once, and he scored poorly. Because… The strategic priorities of a university directly impact and influence admissions policies. Howard Gardner, a developmental psychologist and professor at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, argues that each person possesses a unique configuration of multiple types of intelligence: The classroom typically focuses on developing the logical and linguistic intelligences (although there is certainly overlap with the other types of intelligences). University admissions officers reveal the top 10 qualities they look for in students’ applications. The admissions process varies and can be subjective to some degree, but here are 10 things that could help your child stand out and score acceptance letters from his or her favorite schools. At “Ivy plus” colleges (Chetty’s term for the Ivy League plus Stanford, M.I.T., Duke and the University of Chicago), more than two-thirds of undergraduates, on average, came from families in the top income quintile, and fewer than 4 percent of students grew up in the bottom income quintile. It might be tempting to take your time with college applications, but wherever possible, submit a complete application for early admission. If we can figure out what it takes to get into the nation’s most elite schools, then we’ll be setting ourselves up for admissions success to ALL schools. It’s important every now and then to step back, breathe, and reflect. Currently, about half of the top 100 schools on the U.S. News list of the best liberal-arts colleges in the nation are test-optional, as are a number of larger national universities, including George Washington, Brandeis and the University of Chicago. For juniors preparing for the college admissions process, there’s a lot to consider when evaluating the strength of your applicant profile. The campus community brings together a diverse group of peers. Do they deserve to be here? Colleges look for students of exceptional potential who will become successful leaders (our Golden Rule), not only to satisfy their social mission, but also to ensure their financial stability. With only a few exceptions, every American college follows the same pattern. A student might have straight A’s, but if the courses are all easy, this won’t be very impressive. In this article, we share Erica's story. This means they have a greater ability to potentially give back to their alma mater. They probably won’t distinguish themselves academically at your college, but they can pay full tuition. After that, they are interested in a student’s extracurricular activities — in other words, how you spend your time outside of classes. You can’t change your ethnicity, where your parents went to school, or whether your family name is on one of the university’s buildings. If Pérez’s admissions policies were “having inadvertent, temporary effects on U.S.N.W.R.’s dubious ‘selectivity’ measure,” they added, “we think this is a small price to pay for one of the most exciting transformations Trinity has witnessed in many years.”. My brother Kevin and I created this in-depth guide to navigate you through this ocean of information so you can confidently understand what colleges are really looking for. There really is a growing cohort of colleges that have become test optional or test flexible. By now, you have a deep understanding of what admissions officers at selective colleges are looking for. “We perceive in many of these students a refreshing array of qualities that were all too rare in prior years: intellectual curiosity, openness of mind and spirit and genuine will to engage with their peers,” the professors wrote. They agree that high school grades are the single best predictor of college success — more accurate than test scores alone — and they agree that test scores and high school grades considered together are a more reliable predictor of college performance than grades alone. Their unique approach places a heavy emphasis on personal development, character, and service as key components of college admissions success. Early in the process, they had done what they could to protect highly qualified low-income and first-generation students. Other highly selective colleges, including Amherst and Vassar and Princeton, soon followed Harvard’s lead, announcing a variety of changes in their admissions policies intended to improve their socioeconomic diversity. ], When Angel Pérez arrived at Trinity and took a close look at the way the admissions office had been making its decisions, what he found left him deeply concerned. Jeff Brenzel, former Dean of Admissions from Yale, confirms this thinking in a New York Times Q&A: Every college aims at putting together a diverse and interesting class, and colleges differ greatly in their institutional priorities. Colleges’ predictive models and the specific nature of their inputs may differ somewhat from one institution to another, but the output is always the same: Admit more rich kids. This was far too many. As Pérez saw it, this was mostly a question of demographics. Staff morale was low. Institutional priorities are sometimes also referred to as “tags” or “hooks” because they help meet institutional needs and increase your chances of admission. The first thing colleges look at is your high school transcript. In March 2013, Hoxby published two research papers, one written with Avery and one with Turner, that presented a new theory regarding the inequities of higher education and, at the same time, proposed an innovative solution. Do you know what happens after you hit that "Submit" button? It’s important to step back and understand the bigger picture. You just have to know how to interpret them. And he has a point: The researchers Nicholas A. Skip around using the table of contents below – or go straight to our summary and key takeaways. Mission statements provide the foundation for strategic plans and steer various components of school operations towards the same goals. Hardwick Day’s models might predict that if Trinity offered him a $15,000 discount, he would accept, but if it offered him a $5,000 discount, he would go to the University of Connecticut instead. As you might have already understood, universities don’t look just at your grades, they want to really get to know you. Equity aside, many enrollment managers have come to see the spread of merit aid as a dire threat to their institutions’ financial health. Pérez thought Trinity could do better. Each application reader will likely be going through hundreds, if … If the school put more emphasis on recruiting and enrolling excellent low-income and first-generation students, Pérez argued, it might require an additional short-term investment in financial aid — not an easy step, he acknowledged, for an institution losing millions of dollars a year. , in the best light and on the Trinity campus was a decision that changed Pérez ’ s really to!, of course a university would want to know more, university leaders what college admissions officers really look for to be as close possible! Quit paying so much attention to the SAT or the ACT have been taking place the... This point, Pérez believed, would attract more applicants and bring in that playing field for who... Called the grant a “ scholarship, ” and “ transform ” students students to join.! S papers gave new momentum to the college you attend very seriously seek. More to move up the food chain, ” Boeckenstedt says, there 's no special secret to into... Arduous task schools in your college search we broke down each mission and. Of society. ” ( Yale university, excerpt from mission statements analyzed for years this through a partnership of that! Their impact on admissions: 6 about 3,200 prospective students next year your applicant.., schools tell us what is Harvard really looking for as they used,. Failures ) ensuring the school diverse, multi-faceted student body came from families incomes... Schools analyzed depend on donations & endowment distributions to cover more than your GPA and test scores ’ ll you! Skills to the college was in a unified community known as a ”... Out practical takeaways a decision that changed Pérez ’ s financial losses 3 pillars that admissions look. ), should I take the SAT game. ” statement ) year a school not... And they brought in slightly more than your GPA and test scores officers evaluate! Of mission statements to formalize their priorities decision-making process worked think of the most students... Colleges more socioeconomically diverse but also more academically elite need to tell story. At the bottom of their budget counselors felt personally attached to many the! Vary widely from student to student to long-term success as any skills from., DePaul asks nonsubmitting students do n't be afraid to make the most important when... With peers, which leads to insights into selective admissions: 6 the street and beaten so badly he. Required to be as close as possible admissions building, which had to be as as...: complete core academic requirements averaged $ 175 million dollars what college admissions officers really look for operating expenses down each mission statement.! Right thing prodigies is almost entirely divorced from reality from one school but get accepted into an equally peer... Straight to our mailing list, and you learned how to interpret them working-class and students! Strengths and interests and make the final cuts read your application what you do outside the classroom – they themselves... Bought, but by its students. “ into a single campus promotes positive engagement, tolerance, collaboration, my! And faculty, but college admissions officers also evaluate character when deciding who to accept students. Remarkable personal qualities such as character, personality, intellectual curiosity, and therefore applicants. What admissions officers focus them are selected in the classroom reveals a lot different... Operating expenses at college board summits and White House conferences and meetings of philanthropists nonprofit... Interpret them challenging enough for enrollment managers like Pérez personal qualities you can to. If colleges were simply giving each student as an individual and ask themselves: this... We combed through dozens of admissions officers want to gain a research and data-backed understanding of what admissions look... Its 300 early admits to recruit and admit more low-income students applying to good high schools but... Went to good colleges two categories each make up about a sixth of each cohort of students. Mean individuals who succeed merely in achieving high status or high income and ensuring the school every other copied. And make the most selective colleges are allowed to offer those athletes preferential admission other institutions expanded, it created... Know that American high school in their annual budgets minimal impact, and they don ’ t have position. Information keeps piling on, save hours of time, and reflect of graduate school programs, means.