Java Practice

Analysis & Consulting
Analysis & Consulting

We help you in choosing the most viable java framework to design the solution architecture by conducting complete anlysis of your requirements and technical feasibility.

Web app Development
Web App Development

We provide expertise in developing web applications in java and J2EE frameworks. we also provide web components and B2B/B2C portals in java which support service oriented architecture (SOA).

Enterprise App Development
Enterprise App Development

We take pride in developing critical application in java for enterprises that have big scale operations, multi tiered environments and distributed networks that increases their wide efficiency and productivity.

Desktop App Development
Desktop App Development

We adopt java tools and frameworks to develop desktop applications with customized graphical interfaces to maintain and promote your brand identity.

Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development

Our team is specialized in java Mobile services to develop very rich and responsive mobile apps, games and widgets for devices that run on java platform with our expertise in a variety of J2ME frameworks.

App Migration & Integration
App Migration & Integration

Our services include re engineering and migration of applications built in java such as technology and database migration, java application upgrade, application porting etc. We also help business in integrating their java applications with databases, operating systems and third party applications.

We build fast, secure, reliable, robust and future proof software products and applications

At Leon Software Solutions, we are specialists in providing dedicated services for developing web, mobile and standalone applications in Java that meets specific needs of business and software companies. We have an adept team of Java development architects including Oracle, Sun as well as SCRUM Certified Professionals on board, who are technically proficient in providing full-cycle Java development services with quality, scalability and time-tested approaches.


We have expertise in working across several Java based projects and delivered a variety of applications for different industry verticals
  •   Automated Billing Applications
  •   Java Architecture & Design
  •   Responsive Web Portals
  •   E-commerce Websites
  •   Bulk Mailing Systems
  •   Automated Messaging Applications
  •   Online Faxing Solutions
  •   Property Management System
  •   VOIP Applications
  •   Payment Automation
  •   Plug-ins Development
  •   Enterprise Service Bus Implementation
  •   Mobile Gaming & Entertainment Apps
  •   Business Process Management

Maintenance Support

At Leon Software Solutions we provide maintenance and support services for applications that are built in java after final delivery and deployment and aid in improving their performance and scalability at every level

The business relationship with the Client will take a new dimension following delivery of the product in reflection to the maintenance and constant betterment of the product by embracing the ever changing technologies.

we take the honor in adopting standardized development process and international delivery models to make sure our clients have rapid, reliable and effective java development services.

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